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Audio Recordings of Ceremonies, Techniques and Meditations

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Sounds of Atlantis Paul Hubbert
Meditations of Remembrance
Music from the Hathors, Masters of Sound & Love... Sound Meditations With Vocal Harmonics and Singing Crystal Bowls. Recorded in part in the Red Pyramid, Dashour, Egypt.
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Ghandarva Ceremony of Peace Paul Hubbert
Extraordinary recording in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt on October 10, 2001. Divine Interactive Exper- ience Creating the Vibration of Healing and Harmony for all Spiritual Traditions and Religions of the World.
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Unity Chakra System Meditation & Activation
Paul Hubbert
Vocal toning and sounds of crystal singing bowls, aligining and activating the entire chakra system unifying the Over Soul chakras within the physical body. This creating a greater sence of Unity, Oneness with All that Is!
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Holographic Sound Healing Meditations and Activations
(available to HSH course grads, with permission)
Paul Hubbert
Advanced 4-CD Set - The Healing Art of the Hathors, Masters of Sound and Love; includes activations, meditations, vocal toning, and crystal bowls.
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Winds of Change


Paul Hubbert with Steve Daniel
Channeled music from the Hathors; Crystal Bowls, Vocal Harmonics and Didgeridoo Invok- ing the Vibration of Manifestation and Harmony. Excellent for bodyworkers and other energy practitioners, also meditation and other manifesting experiences. (CHM)
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Sacred Sounds of the Heart
Paul Hubbert & Jodi Roberts
Beautiful sounds of Crystal & Tibetan Bowls and Vocal Harmonics; Creating Trans-formation through Healing Vib- rations of the Heart. Excellent for bodywork & other energy practitioners, also meditation & other healing experiences. (SL)
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Guided Imagery Meditations for the Heart

Paul Hubbert
Harmonic Vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls, Vocal Harmonics, keyboards.
Five Guided Imagery Meditations for Healing and Manifesting Intentions. (CV)
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