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Sound Healing and the Mastery of Crystal Singing Bowls (An experiential workshop)

Experience and Learn Primary Healing Techniques Using the Power of Sound

In this one day experiential course you will gain greater Mastery over the Crystal Bowls, experience Sound Healing Activations and Attunements, and a heightened awareness of the inner workings and interweaving energies of Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Bowls. To do this, you will be guided to use sound, light and color to promote healing by activating the energy centers or chakras of the body, which contain the energetic blueprint to balance and health and govern all aspects of our bodies. Through this extraordinary process, you will experience healing and balancing of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies in varying degrees based on your greater knowing and the guidance of your higher self.

There’s More!

You will learn about:  Stewarding your Crystal Bowls, being a Keeper of the Bowls  *  Choosing the Bowl or Bowls that are Right for You 

*  Sound Healing Applications & Techniques in Playing the Crystal Bowls  *  Creating Sacred Sounds for Healing, Relaxation and Meditation

*  The Bowls and how they correspond to each of the body’s Chakras  *  Chakra accelerations and personal healing experiences 

*  Experience healing frequencies  *  Consciousness Expansion/ Ascension and Activations 


Bring your Bowl or Bowls if you have one, if not, Bowls will be available in class.

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