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Through Thought, Vision, Imigination and Sound


*Would You Like to Improve Your Life's Direction?
*Are You Experiencing Sadness, Grief or Regret Over The Past?
*Would You Like to Enhance Your Quality of Life?

Then Do It Now!

*Release Limiting Patterns, Experience Life Like Never Before!
*Increase Your Ability to Consciously Create Your Desires!
*Experience a Renewed Sense of Peace and Well-being!

This 2-day experience in "Creating A New Reality" is a means to manifest our Dreams, Desires, Visions and Goals!  Did you know that 95% of what manifests in your life today originates from your unconscious beliefs, where the unconscious patterning you’ve learned dictates your thoughts, emotions and actions, everything you do.  Most of this patterning is rooted in childhood, family ancestry, some from later in life and other sources.  Much of what you’ve learned may work.  Some of it however, is outdated, sabotaging and just flat does not serve your highest good.  This is the type of patterning we want to shift and change so we can better create and manifest our conscious desires and attract what we want in life, thus improving our quality of life!

In this deeply moving workshop, through the emotional body and into the unconscious, you will release false or outdated thoughts, beliefs and expectations.  You will experience clear and precise steps for resolution and recovery from trama or situations resulting from grief and loss.  Your experience of life as you've known it will then be transformed.  You move into a state of balance, completion, and a heightened ability to consciously create in your life.

Creating through Thought, Vision, Imagination and Sound, Dr. Paul invites you to open to your true essence, experience a renewed sense of peace and well-being, and begin this empowering process of change resulting in conscious creating.  This, giving you the opportunity to experience your life like never before!  We then begin to Realize Our Dreams, Goals & Desires... and in many cases Discover Our Dreams to be Realized!

Become a Conscious Creator!

Specifically, this workshop experience will enable you to:

  • Heighten your ability to consciously create and manifest what you desire!
  • Understand your choices for life and their opportunities and gifts!
  • Release limiting mental, emotional, physical patterns/energies!
  • Clear, balance, and attune your energy centers or chakras!
  • Realize your genuine wholeness and Oneness with All That Is!
  • Cultivate and express greater forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others!

The Alchemy of Abundant Living

ALCHEMY: A mystical science that seeks to penetrate the most intimate secrets of nature,
in order to perfect both humankind and matter.

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