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Depending on the nature of services requested, Dr. Paul Hubbert, Ph.D. uses a combination of spiritually inspired techniques including sound vibration in its multi-dimensional, holographic form, traditional and intuitive counseling techniques, and hypnotherapy to assist individuals, couples and families to:

  • Overcome physical hindrance
  • Resolve grief due to all types of loss
  • Recover from painful addictions
  • Address spiritual needs and challenges
  • Investigate and attend to life issues

Paul holds a Ph.D. in psychology, Masters in Business and Religion and is certified in Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Grief Recovery, and has extensive experience and training in Addictions Treatment & Recovery. He is also a Sound Master, Reiki Master, and intuitive counselor who works with the Power of Sound in its multi-dimensional, holographic form using vocal toning and crystal bowls.

Private local or long-distance/ remote healing sessions are available.

Description of Services

Holographic Sound Therapy/Healing - Clear physical and emotional illness and ailments with the creative vibration of Spirit; release behavioral patterning and thinking that manifest disease

Hypnosis - Move through the emotional blocks and old patterns that hinder your life; enhance prosperity consciousness; lose weight with ease; become smoke free; reduce anxiety and stress; regain positive self image and attitude; manage physical pain; and more.

Grief Recovery - Resolve grief and loss due to loss of a loved one and/or change from any and all sources. Whenever there is change, there is grief.

Addictions Recovery Coaching/Consulting

Spiritual Counseling



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