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The 13 Chakras of the Physical / Etheric Body System

The Chakra System as we've known it up to this time consists of Thirteen Major Chakras. Seven major Chakras within the physical body, and the Oversoul Chakras, having four above the body and two below the body. We have been operating with this Chakra System for many thousands of years. The chakras, their vibration and colors have been in a state of transition and shifting since around 1999 and this is good. It is an indication of our raising vibration, our ascension. This entire system is now transitioning and shifting into a new state of being. The chakras listed below are as they have been in most recent time.

Seven Major Chakras within the physical body and their colors:

  1. Base or Root Chakra, Wine Red or Burgundy
  2. Naval Chakra, Emerald Green with slight swirl of Orange
  3. Solar Plexus, Sun Bright Yellow, Golden Yellow
  4. Heart Chakra, Pink with a Red Center
  5. Throat, Aqua Blue
  6. Third Eye, Violet
  7. Crown, Diamond White

The Oversoul Chakras and their colors:

Below the physical body and moving downward:

  1. Earth Star Chakra, Platinum Silver
  2. Earth Heart Chakra, Gold with Multicolor

Above the physical body, just above the crown and upward:

  1. Higher-Self Chakra, Rainbow Multicolored
  2. Christ Conscious Chakra, Rainbow Multicolored
  3. Archangelic Chakra, Rainbow Multicolored/Full Color Spectrum
  4. God Self Chakra, White Gold and Encompasses all Colors.

Chakra Notes and Colors


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