Institute for Holographic Sound and Inner Balance

Hand-made Crystal Bracelets to Balance Your Energy Centers

*All bracelets include a signature amber stone for enhancing the crystal energy.
*All orders include a description of the uses and specific energies of the stones.



Solar Plexus



Third Eye



Chakra BraceletContainsUsesPriceS&HPurchase
Crown Clear quartz crystal, amethyst
Intuition, understanding, awareness, consciousness, meditation
$13 $2 Order Online
Third Eye Lapis lazuli, amethyst, iolite
Clairvoyance, memory, dreams, visualization, recognizing patterns
$13 $2 Order Online
Throat Blue lace agate, aquamarine, blue topaz
Self-expression, communication, creativity, sound and vibration
$13 $2 Order Online
Heart Tourmaline, rose quartz, garnet, rhodochrosite
Love, balance, relationship, compassion
$13 $2 Order Online
Solar Plexus Citrine, carnelian
Power, will, energy, creativity, transformation
$13 $2 Order Online
Naval or Sacral Citrine, carnelian, malachite
Sexuality, passion, emotion, movement, polarity, creativity
$13 $2 Order Online
Root Black or snowflake obsidian, garnet, hematite
Survival, grounding, solidity, empowerment, the body
$13 $2 Order Online
Full Set Set of 7 bracelets (7th is free!) Multiple $78 $10 Order Online


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