Institute for Holographic Sound and Inner Balance

Working with Crystals; The Power of Crystal Grids

This is a one day workshop with Paul Hubbert where you will work with various types of crystals and other stones and learn powerful activation techniques increasing the crystal's energy by 20+ times its original power. Most Materials and stones provided for you to build your own Sacred Geometric Power Grids and to dowse their energies.

You will Learn:

  • To pick the appropriate stones for specific energetic applications
  • To design crystals/stones in specific Sacred Geometric forms for activation
  • A specific method of Activating the Crystals, creating Crystal Power Grids
  • Dowsing the energy of your grids, establishing distance and strength of coverage
  • Specific uses and applications for your Crystal Power Grids
  • Techniques to energize and balance chakras
  • To raise the energy/energize and activate body, rooms, homes, land, buildings
  • To build clearing and protection grids around land, in homes, etc.

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